Gas detectors

S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector

S4100C Combustible Gas Detector

IR400 Point IR Gas Detector

IR5500 Open Path Infrared Gas Detector

S4000TH H2S Gas Detector

S4100T H2S Gas Detector

TS4000H - H2S Electrochemical Gas Detector

TS4000H Toxic Gas Detector

IR700 Point IR Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

Gassonic Observer-i Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

Gassonic Surveyor Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

PA4000 Photoacoustic Gas Monitor

Second Sight TC Remote Gas Imaging Detection System

S800 Methane Monitor for Underground Mining

IR4000S Single-Point Gas Monitor

IR4000S-CO2 Single Point Gas Monitor

IR4000M Multi-Point Gas Monitor

4802A Zero Two Series Control Module for Combustible Applications

TA102A Single Channel Combustible Trip Amplifier Module

580A Dual-Channel Combustible Gas Monitor

610A Four Channel Combustible Gas Monitor

DC110 Eight Channel Combustible Readout / Relay Module

TA202A Single Channel H2S Trip Amplifier Module

2602A Zero Two Series Control Module for H2S Applications

2280A Four Channel H2S Gas Monitor

DT210 Eight Channel H2S Readout / Relay Module

SM100 Sampling Pump Module

ARGC - Automatic Remote Gas Calibrator

RGC - Remote Gas Calibrator for Catalytic Bead Sensors

RGC-HT - Remote Gas Calibrator for High Temperatures

RGC-IR - Remote Gas Calibrator for Point IR Detectors

Catalytic Bead Sensors

Catalytic Bead Accessories

IR Gas Detector Accessories

H2S Gas Sensors and Accessories

Electrochemical Sensors

Toxic Gas Accessories

Gassonic 1701 Portable Test and Calibration Unit

Mounting Hardware